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“Boomtown” Documentary Awarded Emmy


“Susan’s Story” Documentary Teaser


A different breed

Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions is a film, video & publishing company working with great causes and corporate/private clients.


As we continue to mark our territory in the world of creative projects, our top priority is to raise awareness for charitable organizations and corporate clients by inspiring positive change.


Sniffing things out: We believe in the pre-interview process both for background research & so those being interviewed feel more comfortable with us and the project. 
A creative pack: Collaboration with a creative team who understands the storytelling process in concept and in execution through high quality production values.

We believe in giving back, and this allows us to do just that.
We. Always. Have. Fun. On. Our. Projects!


Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions works from the simplistic approach of collaborating with creative, talented people who help design remarkable imprints for change.

Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions creates, designs & executes messaging through effective storytelling using film, video & publishing. Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Films oversees documentary film production. Another film subsidiary, Abby The Pug Pictures, focuses on fiction/narrative film production.


Never one to roll over on her artistic vision, Abby is the mascot for each of our productions. She provides inspiration and an extra pair of discerning eyes on every project.


Dog & Pony Show

sniff around BEHIND

See what tricks we’ve learned.


The Top Dogs

Until now, Russ & Andy had never worked for a Pug! Experience in their respective fields is a great mix of what makes Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Productions a great business.

Russ’s passion is telling great stories! After 20 years as an award winning broadcast journalist, it’s a pretty good bet he knows what he’s doing. Without business acumen, those great stories might never be seen -- so, after nearly a decade in Financial Services Russ’s experience comes in handy: understanding the business side of designing & running Abby’s empire.

Speaking of design, Andy’s passion is just that!
Celebrating 25 years at an Architecture Firm that’s left its indelible imprint on Tulsa’s landscape, Andy certainly understands business and also has a passion for great stories & great causes. Working tirelessly as a volunteer for years at many nonprofit organizations, Andy understands the importance of raising awareness.

Russ Kirkpatrick


Andy Kinslow


Kirkpatrick and Kinslow Productions
P.O. Box 52188
Tulsa, OK 74152

Work Like A Dog

Knick-knack, paddy whack, give a dog... you get the drill. Are you a freelance video production guru? Are you passionate about giving back and producing high quality videos? Also... do you have a great story – or know of one – that needs to be told? If so, you’re right on point. We’ll find a way to have it funded & produce it.

We are currently fetching:

    • Film/Video Production Companies
    • Videographers/cinematographers
    • Film or video editors
    • Lighting/Gaffer Talent
    • Writers
    • Composers/film scorers
    • Makeup Artists
    • Graphic Artists
    • Animators
    • Photographers
    • Voice-Over Talent


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